Train from singapore to kuala lumpur

A bit of basic information always proves to be handy, no matter what goal you want to achieve in the end. This stands even if you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur by train from Singapore.

There was an artistically decorated station at Singapore from 1932 to 2011. It was under the Malaysian government till then. The current departure of train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur takes place from Woodlands station. If your starting point is somewhere near to Central Singapore, it is ideal to take a bus or taxi to reach out to Woodlands.

The Kuala Lumpur station is something with a very bright and shiny outlook, which was built in 2001.



You will have the option of choosing from 3 availabilities currently, if you wish to make a journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The departure point from Singapore is Woodlands whereas the arrival point at Kuala Lumpur is KL Sentral. The first one, Ekspres Rakyat or Rakyat Express, leave Woodlands at 9:12 in the morning and arrives at 2:56 in the afternoon. The second one, Sinaran Selatan is at 2:18 in the afternoon from Singapore and 8:25 in the night at Kuala Lumpur. The third one, Senandung Sutera is an overnight train departing at 11:55 from Singapore and arriving at 6:30 in the morning at Kuala Lumpur. All of the trains serve on a daily basis.

It is ideal for you to carry a jacket during your travel because mostly these air-conditioned trains have a tendency to keep the temperatures cool. You will also get a chance to help yourselves with the buffet car inside the train that has a selected collection of food and drinks, though it is always good to bring with your own collection.

It is safe to take easybook train to Kuala Lumpur and it is comfortable plus adventurous. The relaxed journey watching the beautiful sceneries outside is always a fun that you will get to enjoy when in train. The duration of the trip is usually from 6 to 7 hours. The cost obviously will vary depending on the preference of which class of seating you choose. Hence a second class seating will cost you around 10 US Dollars, whereas it will be 12.50, with sleeping facility in the same class and if you are eager to spend from 36 to 43 dollars, you will get yourself a private cabin with attached toilet and television facilities.

There are multiple options to book your ticket; especially when things are available right under your fingertips, thanks to sites like Just need to plan it and visit the site, select the departure and arrival points, your preference class of seats and that’s it. You are ready to go.

Punggol Waterway Park in Singapore

I went here a week ago to make the most of my weekend to a short getaway. I needed to be far from the hustling and clamoring city lives and set out here toward a natural air. There are a couple passageways to the recreation center. I visited Tebing Lane itself where they have Popeyes, Haibin Prawning and Fishing, a futsal court and some fish eateries. It was for sure an exceptionally to stop at such an exceptional place.

When the sun sets and the night comes, it was verging on dull, and this is one of the best stops that I have ever gone to in Singapore. It is exceptionally diminished, and I like the air. The course towards either end of the parks may be a significant separation yet it would be awesome for strolling, cycling, running and notwithstanding running. There are water coolers for you to drink up on the off chance that you can’t discover any shop. It is a perfect spot for family and companions to assemble and get things up.


Other than that, I truly appreciate prawning there. It was a better than average catch, and the prawns are not that little either. At a cost of 33 for three hours, it was to be sure justified, despite all the trouble. Maybe after a long stroll along the recreation center, you could visit this prawning place and unwind yourself.

At last, Singapore is with no questions the most created, urbanized nation in Asia. A lot of friends in Singapore, they loved to travel to Indonesia Batam by easybook ferry to batam service. If not on the planet. I have stayed there for four days, which had all the earmarks of being insufficient to find this extraordinary nation city altogether.

I had a stunning Russian couple demonstrating to me around. They live there, so they demonstrated to me the best spots to visit while in Singapore and how to spare huge cash on touring and eateries in Singapore. Keep perusing to know more.

Honeymoon in Singapore

After our three day Orient Express event we land in Singapore with a slight influence in our stride – something likened to ocean legs. We bounce in a taxi from the station and before we know it we’ve landed at the Fullerton lodging, one of Singapore’s finest foundations. Constructed in 1928 and well known as the one-time Post Office with 100-meter long counter (now a swanky bar), the Fullerton is in a flash conspicuous on account of its white stucco-fronted segments and wedding cake look.

I truly like the marginally off bottom pioneer meets-Asian air – white-clad bellboys and a unique red column post box sit serenely close by an immense hall lake where Koi carp swim for good Feng Shui. We’re invited at the entryway and raced up to our suite. It’s lovely – and ginormous! The staggering duplex suite in brilliant smooth hues is overwhelmed with light from the floor to roof windows, neglecting the South China Sea and the insane new Marina Bay Sands treble high rises.

We have a wonderful mezzanine upstairs, with swanky lavatory, exquisite furniture in golds, dull woods and Chinese prints, and even our own particular patio wedged between the forcing façade’s segments. On the off chance that just we lived here. We could lean back on the mocha velvet divan, welcome beautiful companions for a comfortable supper gathering and watch motion pictures on the colossal level screen TV. This could be our fantasy apartmen.

For the time being, we’ll take advantage of it for 48 hours while we likewise attempt to pack in the majority of Singapore’s must do sights. There’s a considerable measure on the motivation. Between an expat companion’s proposals, and needing to do a reversal to the spots we last saw in 2003, we may be a touch goal-oriented. All things considered, we arrange an activity pressed calendar, beginning with a stroll down Boat Quay, where during the evening the road is lined with bars and eateries, from Penny Black’s English bar to fish restaurants where you can see the animals before they meet their death – anything from grouchy looking eels, to titan crabs, and other grouped ocean.